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Viagra drug that is well known to many men who have problems with impotence or poor erections. With an advanced formulation that promotes better absorbability into the blood, the action of the drug begins in 10-15 minutes. Absorbed Viagra online soft begins long before hitting her in the stomach, namely the mouth of the patient, and this is achieved by more rapid action. Therefore, the drug became the choice of those men who are in constant search for yourself a sexual partner.

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Take ginseng root and peel off a piece with a length of two centimeters from the part that resembles a hand. Grate it on a fine grater and pour 500 gr. quality vodka one day. Take one tablespoon in the morning, afternoon and evening before meals. When the liquid will be 25 grams, add more time, five hundred grams of vodka, shake. This can be done up to three times. Then pour the precipitate and make the medicine once again. You can use the finished tincture of ginseng on alcohol, which is sold in pharmacies. It should take thirty drops according to the same scheme.

About the drug

Generic Viagra for sale is the most well known drug among the means that enhance male potency. He is trusted by millions of men. Viagra plus is familiar to all Viagra, only more better and perfect. One of the distinguishing abilities was the fact that now the drug can not drink, because the tablet easily dissolves under the tongue - Effect of Viagra super active

Viagra pills or Cialis ?

The drug has a therapeutic effect only when your body feels a sense of sexual desire. Brand Viagra promotes good blood flow to the penis, which ensures a strong erection sufficient for the entire stretch of intimacy. Once you have started to experience desire, blood flow to the intimate area and improving your erection becomes hard.

Application and dosage

To generate some substances responsible for the onset of orgasm, the body should consume sufficient amount of proteins and fruits. In the initial phase of impotence or for the prevention useful to eat food which enters the blood (e.g. blood sausage), and cheese. These products contain a substance histadin that the body turns into sex hormone.

Tips for receiving and contraindications

Before first taking the drug should seek the advice of a physician. Only a specialist can properly explain all the nuances associated with the treatment of your problem.
Hypersensitivity to the drug.
Persons over 60 years high dose of cheap Viagra soft is not highly recommended due to the high risk of side effects.

Adverse events and overdose

Viagra is always at hand. As I have two girlfriends who are never enough, falls on the third fourth time to go resorting to pills. In General, after two natural time, while the girls otdihaiut, I take a pill, drinking a half glass of water. The manual says that drugs it is strictly forbidden to take with alcohol, so I have not rarely this happened, but I'm still alive. Let's see how many stretch) Viagra dilates blood vessels throughout the body, it promotes a rush of blood to the penis, as a result of a great erection. The pill I have is coming in half an hour. The disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that the body is rubbed from hours of sex. Still physically tired, already the head does not want and on a male, still grated in battle. One day, two days viagra was roasting, on the third day, the headaches were, ad nauseam, I thought to die, nothing helped. The conclusion is that all necessary measure.

I'm 26 and thank God I have an erection everything is fine, but during intercourse I don't know whether the word write, ejaculation happens quickly, do not really have time to meet a girl. I thought, what if via gra to drink, it's going to stretch process..... And that's what I wonder, at such a young age via gra will not have side effects or age is not important ??????? - viagra professional or Viagra soft